What is Social Sentience?

The dictionary defines sentience as “responsive to or conscious of sense impressions” or “finely sensitive in perception or feeling”. Three fundamental tracks are now converging to help us create Social Sentience:

Social Sentience

Platform is the result of the evolution of computer systems toward the concept of infrastructure-as-a-commodity wherein the virtualization, clustering, and abstraction of services allow the sharing of gigantic commodity system farms known as “the cloud”.

Access refers to the increased pervasiveness of mobility, network access, and continued miniaturization and cost reductions as predicated by Moore’s Law are coalescing into the more recently hyped “Internet of Things”.

Information deals with turning the Petabytes of data gathered from the explosive social media participation of over a billion people across the globe. Quilmach's objective is to leverage the following three areas for this purpose:

  1. Data Science deals primarily with the data and how to leverage this data for more specific predictive analytics purposes.
  2. Cognitive computing involves algorithms that learn and interact naturally with people, applying heuristic reasoning in many cases, and obviously leveraging the patterns and correlations found in big data sets.
  3. Collective Intelligence, also known as “Wisdom of the Crowds” (WOC), deals with the mechanisms and venue available to gather the combined input of millions of people in social media communities.

Social Sentience will give people an array of offers, opportunities, and choices, which will be highly curated around their specific tastes and preferences (many of these inferred via machine learning algorithms).

Quilmach is working to deliver a Social Sentience capability leveraging the convergence of all computing and big data advances to give you access to information and resources that represent the best summarization of the combined societal knowledge, yet with a highly personalized interaction.

Quilmach’s Social Sentience technologies, the people’s very own personal advisor!